Top Tip Tuesday

Automatically generating a Picking list for a group of orders – Top Tip Tuesday

In this week’s Top Tip Tuesday post we will be covering One Stop Order Processing’s Picking List feature.
The Issue

Do you find yourself making trips forwards and backwards to the same product in the warehouse? Yes, I thought so.  Doing this is wasting precious working hours that could be well spent on other aspects of your business


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1StopOrders Solution

Within One Stop Order Processing, you can quickly and easily generate a printed or digital list of all the items that have been ordered on a chosen selection of orders and then collect them all at once to reduce the time taken to pick the items for your orders.

picking list

How it Works?

Within One Stop Order Processing, you will need to tick the orders that you would like to show in the picking list. (This can be as few or as many as you would like). Then you can either print or preview a list containing the totals of all items that are on order.


Top Tip

Use a coding system for your bin locations or product SKUs to allow the picking list to be ordered in a way that gives you the most efficient route around your warehouse.







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